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Submit a Feature Story – FAQs

How can my story be featured on the website and in other publications?

Submit a story from your life that focuses on a meaningful experience.

If your story is selected to be featured by the Life Story Library Foundation, we reserve the right to edit the materials for our purposes. As the storyteller, you will participate in refining process and authorize the story for publication.

You are welcome to choose your own subject, or consider focusing on one of these:

  • A teacher who changed my life
  • Seeking freedom and dignity
  • An unheralded story from World War II
  • Facing life with a handicap
  • An attitude of gratitude
  • When home is far away
  • My biggest mistake and what I learned from it
  • Love story
  • Heroes without guns
  • How sportsmanship built my character
  • Quilts, recipes and traditions—stories of home

What are the Guidelines for Featured Stories?

  • The story submission is your true personal experience. As the storyteller, you are responsible for its accuracy, content and presentation.
  • The submitted story content, recordings, transcripts and any accompanying materials will be made available to the Life Story Library Foundation for public use. No monetary compensation will be provided for participation.
  • To be featured on the website, in social media or other publications, a story will demonstrate strength in one or more of the following areas:  an eye-witness account of history, fresh insight, sensitivity to universal principals, cultural diversity, courage to overcome difficulties, a discovery and/or transformational personal experience.
  • The story will be told in your own first-person voice and be appropriate for a general audience. It will be interesting and incorporate the basic elements of a good story—chronology, scene, characters, conflict and insight.
  • To respect the privacy of others, the characters in the story will be referred to by first names only or by relational names (i.e. sister, friend). Storytellers will avoid material that is libelous, deceptive or malicious in nature.
  • If your story or a story excerpt is chosen for the LSLF website or elsewhere, LSLF reserves the right to edit the story material for its purposes and involve you in the refining and authorization process. If you cannot be contacted, your story will not be featured.
  • Content of featured stories will be limited in length—approximately 300 to 1,500 words for print and up to 15 minutes for audio/video. Appropriate photographs or documentation must be provided to accompany the story.
  • If any copyrighted material is used in this submission (i.e. music, news reports, quoted articles, war photos, maps that are not in the public domain), the storyteller accepts the responsibility to obtain written permission from the copyright owner for its use and include it with the story submission.
  • All submissions will be submitted electronically and be accompanied by a Story Abstract (100 words or less), highlighting the key ideas of the story and why it is meaningful.
  • In appreciation for your cooperation, LSLF will make available a free copy of any anthology or publication in which your story is featured.

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