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Submission Guidelines


  1. Acceptable story materials will be based on the real life experience of the author, preferably in first person voice.
  2. Be respectful and fair with story content – in general, provide reference to others by relationship rather than name, and focus on what happened to you and what you learned from the experience.
  3. Preference to stories reflective of courage, transformative experiences, insight, inspiration, humanity
  4. Sign a release form to grant permission for story use
  5. Story Submission Guidelines (forthcoming) will provide helpful details for submission.
  6. Accepted in variety of formats – print, audio and video
  7. All stories are subject to review and may upgraded for new uses, if compelling in nature.
  8. Preferences of the storyteller will be respected, and the author has the final right of refusal in the use of the story materials.

Submission Options

Time Capsule

The Time Capsule is an informal, large-scale repository of anecdotes for preservation and future research. Include he following in your time capsule anecdotes.

  1. What? – A valuable story about your own experience, including eye-witness accounts and anecdotes from daily life
  2. Who? – You
  3. Where? -Time, place, context of the experience
  4. Why? – Collection of story materials will be held in the archive for research at a later date
  5. How? – Check the accuracy of the facts in the story. Include supportive photos, documents, and links.
  6. Use appropriate digital format – print, audio, video. Add metatags for access and future reference

Memorial Contribution

The Memorial Contribution is an online platform to honor a deceased loved one. As with the Time Capsule submission, include the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

 Feature Story

The Feature Story is an interesting entry for potential use on the website and publications of the Life Story Library Foundation.

Polished Work

Polished Work are formal archived materials and made available to the public through the Digital Public Library of America.

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