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LSLF-Final-Logo-Rainmaker-tallWHAT WE VALUE

  • We value life experience and the dignity of the individual.
  • We value open communication, honesty and listening to understand,
  • We value working as a team, accomplishing together what none of us can do alone.
  • We value courageous innovation.


Red abstract backgroundWHY WE EXIST

  • We believe that every life story is important.
  • We believe that wisdom comes from our life experiences.
  • We believe that each person holds the power to change the world - for the better - by sharing those stories and that wisdom.

Vision: Contribute to a world-wide sea change in understanding by preserving stories, touching lives, and connecting humanity.



    • We listen to you with care-full attention
    • We respectfully witness the significance of your life
    • We creatively capture your hard-won wisdom

Mission: Promote widespread awareness, build partnerships, encourage reflection, and provide accessible options for saving and sharing life stories.



    • We collect, preserve and share life stories
    • We produce, publish and broadcast life stories 
    • We provide training and education about creating life story legacies

The Life Story Library Foundation is dedicated to preserving the stories of our times as valuable recorded history. We are multi-cultural and international in scope and local in practice. We are designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity and can accept your tax deductible donations..