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What’s Your Story? Growing Your Business Impact, Influence & Income With Storytelling

Your story is your currency. Business grows because of your story, not elevator speeches, charts, graphs or bullet points. Stories are the fastest way to connect with prospects, customers, and stay at the top of people’s minds. When you crack the storytelling code business gets a lot easier. Don’t leave money and opportunity on the table because you’ve neglected storytelling.


Stories, Oxytocin and Our Mission

Since ancient times, storytelling has helped humans to survive. Through story, we communicate the wisdom of experience and pass language, culture and knowledge to future generations. Our brains are wired for story. We learn from stories, make connections to ideas and characters in stories and respond both physiologically and emotionally. […]


LifeStory Library Newsletter – June 2014

  The Life Story Library Foundation builds partnerships as part of its mission to collect, save and share the personal life stories of our time. Take a look at these newsworthy examples of what we can do together! Partnerships Spur ‘A Photographic Act of Justice’ The commemoration of the145th anniversary […]


LifeStory Library Newsletter – April 2014

Each of us gathers a library of knowledge, experience and wisdom over a lifetime. Preserving the highlights of this precious resource for future generations is up to each of us today. The message is simple: Leave Your Mark. Let’s Save and Share the Stories of Our Time The Life Story Library […]