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An Old Hawaiian Fisherman

This project was a collaboration of the Pacific Islander Health Partnership, Juliet McMullin, Associate Professor of Cultural and Medical Anthropology at UC Riverside, and Christen Hepuakoa Marquez of Paradocs Films, Watch more community stories from Southern California’s diverse Pacific Islander community here: www.vimeo.com/album/2207829


Paul and My Vision of Pre-Earth Life

I was privileged to have a brief vision of my son, Paul, and myself that happened in the pre-mortal realm before we came to earth. In order to understand this experience, you need to know a little about us. My son, Paul, was born in 1978 with severe cerebral palsy. […]


The Candy Red Scooter

When I was born, my legs were up by my neck. I was two weeks old when my parents brought me to the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. After many hours with the doctor, doing examinations and taking x-rays, there were so many things wrong that he […]